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My name is Eilidh, I'm 24 and I'm a music graduate from Scotland. Thank you for stopping by on my blog.

The older posts were originally transferred from my first Tumblr blog, where I basically ranted about anything you could think about, from musicians I idolised to clothes stores that closed due to administration. Now, whenever I can, I post about several things that are important to me, life goals, asexuality, periods, depression and anxiety in the hope it will help someone else out there who is going through similar struggles. This, of course, is a hobby which I love to do, I do not get paid to post on here or upload my YouTube videos, so if posts aren't that frequent, I do apologise.

I've had a YouTube channel for a while and only uploaded videos I recorded from certain events. Then one day, I watched so many different YouTubers all in one day and got inspired to start recording my own vlogs, which first started in May 2012. I'm no way near a professional and I only have a select few of subscribers but I enjoy having this as a hobby of mine and I've already met incredible people through this site. I currently have over 100 subscribers on my channel and used to make weekly videos which were uploaded every Monday at 6pm. :)

Email me questions for Q&A videos or blog post ideas - curlybobofelia@hotmail.com

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Henry David Thoreau ♥

'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.' - Dr. Seuss ♥

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FAQ's (Or possible examples of FAQ's as I'm not that popular!)

How do you pronounce/spell your name?
Imagine you're about to say alien but you take away the n. So the 'alie' is basically how my name is pronounced. My name is spelt E-I-L-I-D-H. But if you get it wrong in both ways, it won't be the first time, I've been called Eighty, Eyelid and Edith before in the 24 years I've been on this planet. :)

Is your hair natural?
Yes, 100%. Ginger, curly and proud. Does have a mind of its own.

Where are you from? I love your accent!
Thank you, you can come here again! I'm a Highlander born and bred, from the North of Scotland originally. I currently live in Aberdeen at the moment.

Why are all of your accounts called 'curlybobofelia'?
It was one of those usernames my friend created in the first year of high school so that I could get my own email address (remember in the early naughties when getting your own email address was the coolest thing ever?). I hope the 'curlybob' half of the username is obvious enough to you all. 'ofelia' was a name created from a childhood game I played in primary school so the two were mashed together. We had to have a blog for both our Intermediate 2 and Higher French & German classes in school, which funnily enough I used the same username for (it still exists as well! http://curlybobofelia.edublogs.org/). For every new social media account I then created, I always knew no-one else would use this username so it just made things easier for me. It's an odd username but I'm not exactly normal so it's a good fit!

How do you pronounce/spell your username?
Curlybob is how it's usually pronounced. Ofelia is pronounced o-fee-lee-a (hope this makes sense!) My username is spelt C-U-R-L-Y-B-O-B-O-F-E-L-I-A.

What do you do for a living?
I graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Aberdeen University in June 2016.
At the moment, I am currently working and juggling different jobs, involving tourism, childcare and volunteering in Aberdeen. I'm currently going through various job interviews to find something more full time in the city.
I am also a freelance saxophonist playing in various ensembles across the North East of Scotland and I always look for exciting projects with my soprano saxophone (Pippin), alto saxophone (Candy) and my tenor saxophone (Dixie). I hope to have a career within inclusive education or to advocate ASN & Disability Rights. 

When is your birthday?
March the 24th! :)

I just came from your asexuality video, do you have a coming out story at all?
I do have a post on asexuality where I talk about my coming out story in great detail. http://curlybobofelia.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/asexuality-what-is-it-my-coming-out.html
A friend of mine also used a couple of quotes I mentioned in our discussion in her post about asexuality, so check that out also! 

Is it true you write fanfiction and have a fan page to Queen?
Yes... busted! Queen has always been my biggest inspiration in terms of growing up in life, finding myself and definitely music wise. My last couple of years in high school were spent reposting MANY images of the band on my Tumblr. If you look up bumholianqueenie on both Wattpad & Tumblr, yes, that's me. I haven't posted any more fanfiction in almost three years ever since starting my undergraduate degree but who knows, never say never eh?

Your post on Adam Lambert's album is the most viewed. Are you going to do more album reviews in the future?
I really hope so, music is my life so I constantly listen to music all the time. It was such a buzz getting the response I did on Adam Lambert's Trespassing album when it first came out. If there's a particular album you want me to review, do get in touch.

We would like you to review our product or work with you for a particular blog post, how do we get in touch with you?
Awesome! Please send me an email at curlybobofelia@hotmail.com or message me on my Facebook page and I'll reply to you as soon as I can.

Why do you say ♥ HEARTS TO EVERYONE! ♥ in your videos and write it in your blog posts?
It was a saying I dreamt about nearly four years ago now. There's a video on YouTube when I first started using the phrase explaining why I decided to use it in my social media, to be honest, I use it often in my daily life and personal online accounts as well! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8CPa7fIQso).
We live in a world where unfortunately there's a lot of negativity and hate, where people struggle to just get through each day. I like to think I've always been a caring, loving person with my friends and family, try to see the positivity and spread love to those who need it most. I also love hearts in any shape and form, especially in homeware and clothing. And it's quite a catchy and memorable phrase.
The hand heart has become a popular image in all forms of social media, I always thought it was a cute and lovely gesture, which is why in my YouTube videos, I like to end with a hand heart (or my pink light up heart my dear friend Harriet gave me), in the hope you look into the positive aspects of your life, the things and people you love. Or maybe you just laugh at this crazy ginger making a cheesy hand heart to the camera! :)

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