Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Wildest Dreams

My dear friend Lydia on WhatLydDid wrote a lovely post on what dreams she currently has and wants to achieve in her life. 
Reading that made me think of the various crazy dreams I had when I was a child and of course the dreams I have right now as I write this. I have always been a dreamer and often tend to find myself thinking of living in a fantasy world instead of reality. In hindsight though, you've got to have dreams in a difficult world such as this one to make you realise what you want out of life, to see you can make a difference or not. 
So here is a list of dreams I have all had in the 22 years I’ve been on this planet. Some of them really make me laugh, others are a bit (just a bit) more realistic. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell which ones were childhood dreams and which ones are more recently (probably not!). Probably you'll be able to tell that I'm an absolute weirdo. 
  • Become a child actress, basically the next Mary-Kate & Ashley, Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan… This was way back in the early noughties when I was 8 so I didn’t know any better, also living in the middle of nowhere meant I wasn’t ever going to make it into Hollywood anytime soon. I did, funnily enough, fill in a form to audition for a Scottish children's TV programme called Katie Morag, the audition was weirdly enough the same day as the London King's Cross Station Bombing, where my grandad actually worked at the time. I remember my mum receiving both phone calls that day. 
  • Release an award-winning tv programme, which was an absolute rip-off medley of Doctor Who/Torchwood & The Incredibles. I called it Superstar (that was the name of the 'superhero') The fact it even starred David Tennant & Freema Agyeman in a ‘special’ episode just screams plagiarism. I even thought of the behind of scenes episodes, with interviews of the ‘cast’ and had ideas of who would be the main cast members throughout the series. This was when my best friend moved away from my hometown and I felt super alone so I created my own stories to help me get to sleep at night. 
  • Become a famous YouTuber and be able to travel to collab with certain YouTubers, this was back when Luke Conard was relevant, no-one knew who Zoella or Gleam was and Joey Graceffa had 100,000 subscribers. I was in my first year at university in halls and dreamed of being Joey's girlfriend, this of course was before he came out. 
  • Travel to America, either through an au pair programme or through the budget hotel version of Trek America. Travel to New Orleans to see where the origin of jazz came from, to Texas to see the award-winning concert bands, Los Angeles for the LGBTQ highlights, New York for pretty much everything it has. 
  • Go to Disneyland, I don’t care where I just need to go to Disneyland. Like soon. To hug Sulley at Disneyworld in America would be a dream come true.
  • Play saxophone all across the world with my own band, play with my favourite musicians like Candy Dulfer at a charity fundraising concert I organised, similar to Live Aid. Create covers with music YouTubers like Madilyn Bailey & Pentatonix
  • Have my own business, music-related ideally tutoring, therapy or instrument repair. I would love to work with people with special needs, so maybe raise awareness of music therapy in various aspects.
  • Have my own house with a built-in cinema and music room with baby grand piano and lots of instruments, just so I can have a chance to choose what colours the walls could be and choose my own dรฉcor
  • Find the love of my life, male or female and have a family with them, first a daughter then a son, with a Norwegian elkhound puppy in a cute cottage in Stonehaven
  • Hug Brian May… I saw him live in Glasgow's Hydro and hyperventilated when he was a few hundred feet away from me. I think I would actually die if I did hug him. 

As I always quote from Henry David Thoreau: 'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined.' <3

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