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Year In Review: 2014 - What a crazy year it's been! ♥

It's been over a year since I've last done a post on this blog, gone from 73 posts in 2012, to 14 posts in 2013 to absolutely none in 2014 because I had a nap earlier. Whoops. Going to use the university excuse once again, I haven't even uploaded a video on my channel since September (as I was slow at uploading Vlogust) and that was before the 3rd year of my course had even started. I had three essays and a Physics exam to sit before Christmas, so I've already written at least 6500 words this month alone! Anyways, let's try to sum up this year in a blog post shall we?

To describe what this year has been like for me, I can't actually put it into words. It's been a year where personally I think I have changed the most, some people think for the better, others may think that's not the case. As I'm now halfway through my music degree, 2014 was a year that has scared me the most in terms of what the future may hold. It has tested me more than any other year, I've kept so many secrets, laughed so many times, shed a couple of tears too. I've met so many wonderful people that I can't believe we've only just met this year, I'm sure they'll be in my heart for many years to come. As for someone who never believed in relationships for herself, I even fell in love with someone this year, despite me saying to myself I would never put myself through that kind of strain ever again. And yet in some bizarre way, I'm ok with it because he's one of my closest friends. Whether things will progress or not next year is another story so I'm not going to say much more on that.

2014 was the year where I probably gained the most independence. It was the year where I was either at two places, home or Aberdeen. It was the first summer I was away from home, I worked most days during the summer and felt truly confident in myself for the first time ever, for a brief period anyways. This also came at a price as I've hardly seen my family at all this year. As all my younger cousins get older and as Steven, my younger brother, turned 18 this year, being home for Christmas really highlighted to me how precious those moments with them are and how I really took them for granted when I was home before. In particular, I'm thankful for one of my youngest cousins, Charlie. I had the scare after an average day in April where I found out my three year old cousin (two at the time) was suddenly rushed to hospital in Aberdeen. But it was also a blessing in disguise because I got to visit him and spend a whole day with him, now he dotes on me which melts my heart. My cousins are my world and it's my duty to be a good role model for them as they get older. I also need to make sure my mum and dad are happy as well and be there for them even when I'm hundreds of miles away, make them proud as much as I possibly can.

2014, the year where I met people. I met my family from work, I met and saw the Overtones for the 2nd time and of course I saw the gorgeous Kerry Ellis twice in Aberdeen before meeting her after the concert at the Music Hall. I now get saxophone lessons from the king that is Richard Ingham and I still adore playing saxophone to this day, especially playing in music groups with my best friends. It was the year where I said goodbye to my teenage years, where I spent my days off work looking for 50 dolphin statues in Aberdeen city, where I got my stereo to play vinyls and where I had learnt so much about various different things, which I hope I can use in the years to come. It was the year where I finally thought, for once in my life, I actually do belong somewhere. I found out new things about myself, some good, some bad, some I want to forget. It was the year where I had to think about what I truly want out of life. What's that you ask? In terms of my life, I'm still not sure. What I do want though is I just want all the people that I care about to be happy and to still be a key part in my life. As cheesy as it sounds.

Now for the fun part, the time where I see how I got on with the goals I set for myself last year. These are not true resolutions for the year, more like targets without an actual time limit.

1. Part time job in the summer
I FINALLY GOT EMPLOYED! About bloody time heh? I got my job at the information centre in June after having my first job interview. I had never been so scared before going in on that day, but little did I know, I was going to meet and get the opportunity to work with the most amazing bunch of people I've ever met. They're like a family to me, each day I'm in the centre with them is filled with laughter and smiles, even after having those annoying customers who want to suck all the fun out. And the great thing, I'm still working there now and will be throughout 2015 and hopefully most of 2016 too.

2. Limit my shitstorms on Twitter (basically keep the bad times to myself or close friends who won't tell another living soul)
Believe it or not, this year I've not tweeted half as much as I did last year. This year has been tough for me, university work wise, keeping friendships wise, emotions wise, but at the end of the day, I have people who depend on me to be strong, my family in particular. In some ways, I've kept so much of myself hidden from other people and yet I feel as if I've shared too much of myself with those select few in my life. I'm sorry to those who have put up with me this year, you know who you are.

3. Meet my dear friends Harriet (@HarrietR1984) and Shelley (@Shellx85x).
Unfortunately, I've been so busy at university and at my part-time job this year, that I haven't been down to see my gorgeous girls. This year has been extremely tough for both girls, especially Shelley, who has had a horrible year, but both girls still give time out of their day to talk to me through Twitter, text etc to ask me how I'm doing, even when I'm down. I really hope one day soon we will all meet in person. I love you both, my seashell and my honey bee.

4. Work even harder
I would like to think I have worked my butt off in 2014 because I'm the slimmest I've ever been since I was 12. All weight jokes aside, this year has been the hardest year in terms of work. 'Hellcember' as I called it, was an absolute nightmare of a month, as for May/June time when I had eight exams to sit, five in the same week, that was hellish too. But I passed my 2nd year and I've received good marks for my 3rd year assignments so far. The next couple of years, 2015 and 2016 are going to be the defining years of my entire life, they're going to essentially decide where my future path will lead to. And I'm shitting a brick just thinking about it.

5. Learn sign language
I've always wanted to learn sign language, especially after finishing my Gaelic courses in May. I bought the book for dummies in the summer but I have hardly had the chance to look at it since then. Maybe in summer 2015 whilst doing my summer job, I may look into it. But I have a long list of coursework to complete before that goal is complete.

Here are my goals for 2015, if I complete half of them by the end of the year, great. If not, there's still time. 
1. Travel more, see more places in the Aberdeenshire area in particular
2. Stay strong, no matter how hard the year gets, for my family's sake more than my own
3. Take more photos of friends and family. Keep the special people close to you as always.
4. Keep on working, girl! The next two years are crucial. 
5. Learn to cook different meals other than pasta.
6. Watch the films I haven't seen yet and have been told off for not seeing them like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Iron Man etc

So 2014, the year that brought us Frozen, the Commonwealth Games, Avril Lavigne does Dubstep, YouTubers find fame outside of the internet, new albums from many of my favourite returning artists such as Paolo Nutini, The Hoosiers and Anastacia, loads of charitable donations either through non makeup selfies or buckets filled with ice cold water and of course Conchita Wurst. This year also brought a country close to its breaking point as Scotland's residents fought against each other, I saw many relationships end because of a simple yes or no vote. In my opinion, as a nation, we became selfish for our own well being as supposed to others. I hope this year has shown to Scotland that we need to stay together as one, we've been through a lot this year, the world has been through a lot and the last thing we need is families being torn apart. 

I know 2015 is going to be another defining year for me, starting off with Queen & Adam Lambert in Glasgow's Hydro on the 14th January, I just know it's going to be one of the best nights of my life so far, finally getting to see the musicians who have inspired me so much. As for the rest of the year, I'm still grateful to work in this amazing city, to do what I love the most in my life which is music and to still have those special people in my life who will hopefully support me once again in the next 12 months. You know who you are and you're all fucking amazing! Hehehe. Lots of love to you all, hope this year brings you lots of joy and laughter. Enjoy the fireworks wherever you are in the world, stay safe.  NEW YEAR HEARTS TO EVERYONE! 

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