Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Year In Review: 2013 - Wow, what a year.

As Dumbledore would say, 'Another year, gone!' Before he soon gave his favourite pupils extra points so that Gryffindor would win the House Cup. And yet, no-one really cared about the cup after Harry's first year as they all thought He Who Must Not Be Named will kill them. Shame really.
ANYWAYS, let's concentrate on the topic in hand!

2013, what a year. You've had your wonderful moments and your downright shitty times. I've met incredible people who I hope I'll be friends with for life. I've met those who have hurt me, betrayed me many times and have put me down. I still have those who have been close to me from the start and  I still don't want to let go of, who have picked me up when I needed a hand to hold.

This post follows a YouTube video that will hopefully go online before 2014 starts, we'll see how uploading goes. Just incase you can't watch my video or you just prefer to read, here's what I've basically said.

2013 was the year I went abroad for the first time in a couple of years. Amsterdam was an amazing experience, to have that amount of responsibility and yet that sense of freedom within a group of wonderful young musicians was incredible. I always appreciate how much music has saved my life and these groups have been my saviour. I went to NYJOS again where I think it was the best year, we were at Skye which was beautiful and I learnt a lot more this year than I ever did the previous two years. It was the best year to conclude my time with the summer school. As much as I love it, it got a little repetitive, it's expensive and money is tight at the moment, student blues much eh?

Remember those goals I posted this time last year? Well, let's see if I achieved them or not.

1. Get an actual job
Yeah, not a good start. I was a helper with the music group in Amsterdam but I didn't get paid for that. I work hard at university and I find it hard to juggle many things at once, not trying to sound like a lazy git (even though I am), I just like to do one thing at a time. I had a feeling if I had a part time job as well as university work, ensembles etc, I wouldn't get my degree. It's still something I hope to achieve, I know this summer has to be the year where I have to find somewhere to work.

2. Continue making YouTube videos and post more on here
At the start of the year, I made videos every Friday. I did Vlogust, I vlogged the Amsterdam trip and NYJOS. I've gained double the subscribers I had this time last year and over 15,000 views overall which is AMAZING! As for this blog, I may have neglected it a bit. The university excuse is getting old huh?

3. Work hard
I like to think so, especially with the exams and the start of 2nd year. I had to do assignments I never thought I would be able to pass but I've done them. It's been super stressful, it's been tough but rewarding I think.

4. Stay positive
This year has tested me mentally and physically in many ways, my heart feels a little battered and bruised without trying to sound too dramatic. Relationships and emotions have been tested really hard this year. With people, I have tried to keep a smile on my face and stay positive with them. When I'm alone in my room though, that's when I have my moment full of tears and sorrow. I've had to deal with situations I had never previously been in before so it's been a steep learning curve.

5. Get my first kiss
This was the year where I finally got my first kiss, although I don't really remember much. I still don't know whether it counts or not as I was drunk and didn't really know the guy. At least I can say that another thing I've effectively crossed off my list. And it was NOT worth it whatsoever. I'm still single, still had to work out the situation with the guy, plus friends and it got me down when it shouldn't have done in the first place.

6. Visit my bessie in Edinburgh
Saw her in February for her 18th, that was a night both of us can't really remember. Hehe. Saw her in August back home and saw her in November when she came to visit me at my flat. So yeah, we've been very good this year compared to previous ones. :)

So it's been a crazy year. We have a new Royal in the country with little George being born in the summer. We've lost two key political figures this year, one a legend who freed South Africa and the other was Margaret Thatcher. You can make your own mind up about who was the bigger loss this year. Fellow Scot Andy Murray finally won Wimbledon and got Sports Personality of the Year. Twerking was a new word to be 'added' into the dictionary and we finally know what the fox does say? Or do we?

What are my goals for 2014 you ask? I prefer to have goals to work towards rather than have pointless resolutions that never make it past the 2nd of January.
1. Part time job in the summer
2. Limit my shitstorms on Twitter (basically keep the bad times to myself or close friends who won't tell another living soul)
3. Meet my dear friends Harriet (@HarrietR1984) and Shelley (@Shellx85x).
4. Work even harder
5. Learn sign language

I wish every single one of you the very best for 2014. I really hope it's going to be your year. Now, go! Get ready for the Hogmany celebrations. I'll be putting on my onesie and watching Jools Holland tonight because I'm a WILD ONE! :)