Sunday, 3 November 2013


Hello there. I would be surprised if anyone would actually read this post as it's been centuries since I've blogged on here. So hi. How are you? How's things? I actually don't know how to do this anymore. It's November now which is just crazy! I've been looking at previous posts on here, one in particular was the goals I had set for 2013. And I'm really surprised to see that I have achieved most of them. I'm not a believer on set resolutions like 'I'm going to go on a diet.' Because I would fail on the 2nd day of the year straight away, I'm a foodie ok? DON'T JUDGE ME!! Also, over 3000 views on this blog, ummm wow, why?! Hehe. I'm kidding. OH BILLIE! BECAUSE WE WANT TO! Sorry, distracted by the shit list on my Spotify, yes I have a playlist of shitty music on Spotify that I listen to constantly. Cause I'm that cool. Anyways, easily distracted. But yeah, thank you even if you've read just one post. If this is the first post you've read, thank you to you as well. I just wish I could've supplied more content on here but still, university work has to be the priority. That and watching Joey Graceffa. hehehe. So yeah, just a random post to say, I'm still alive, I'm well, I'm coping with 2nd year so far. I mean I had to do a presentation and an assignment last week, STRESS MODE ACTIVATED! But yeah, I love Aberdeen. And a couple of my friends from the Highlands have moved here too, we had a wonderful lunch at Frankie and Benny's yesterday and it's always hard to eat your food with them because you laugh every single second you're with them. So yeah, I better go and get ready. 6 hours of concert band rehearsal coming up. WOOOOOP. So yeah, this is E to the I to the L-I-D-H signing out homies. Sorry, I've moved on to listening to Outkast. ROSES REALLY SMELL LIKE POOO POO POO! I'm such a fucking weirdo aren't I? Anyway, see y'all at some point before the year is over! :) MWAAAAHHH!!

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