Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life Update.

So I have an hour or so before Big Band practise so rather than do a 30 second Keek, I thought I would update you all on here.

So I found out a couple of days ago that I broke the 40 subscriber mark. That's a pretty big deal to me because I was considering throwing in the towel with the few subscribers I have but now that it's increasing, I want to keep going. So thank you if you're a subscriber, if not, PLEASE DO SUBSCRIBE! Even though I won't be making videos till exams are over...

Speaking of exams, uni has been crazy these past few weeks. As Emeli Sande would say, 'My life's a circus.' And yes, right now it is. With the two bands I'm in, I have a concert for each one in two weeks. I have two compositions to write, another essay to possibly start writing soon (SH...ih tzus) and six, I repeat, SIX exams to revise for. And yet, I'm having a blast here. Is that strange? Every single day is a challenge here but I absolutely love it here, strange because I always used to find the easy way of doing things a much better option.

Reason I love it here? I'm comfortable. I am finally able to deal with 50 million things at once. I can now cope with being away from my family and friends at home and make friends here and deal with the work and assignments of this degree. The people I've met here are absolutely bonkers but they're my closest friends. Like one of them said, 'university friends are for life.' and that's true. The friend who said this is basically my double, yes she's more gorgeous than me and has the boyfriend, but we're so similar it's scary. We just connect, I can't imagine her not being my close friend now. After many years trying to fit in, I have never felt happier being myself. I can't wait for musical people from the Highlands who I've been close with for a while to move here to Aberdeen so life here can be perfect.

So I do have a lot of work and I often dread about the fact I'll probably fail all of it but I look at it this way. With the support from the people who care for you, you can do anything. So I know I have amazing friends and a family who will always be there to support me no matter what happens. And if I do fail, I've already failed one essay so it's no big deal if I have to redo another one. Fingers crossed though, that won't happen.

Can't wait for these exams to finish so I can go back on YouTube and vlog to my hearts content. :)

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