Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Back in the land of snow showers, none of it is staying though. Depressing. :O

So, I'm back in the Deen after the Winter break and my Gaelic exam is fast approaching. Eww. Today I went to see a showflat that's closer to the university than where I'm staying currently and OMG, it's so much nicer than this prison of a room. So me and two of my friends who are in my course are going to stay in one of these flats next year. SO EXCITED!! I mean, I do like staying here but it is basically like a prison where you have to pee in cubicles, shower in cubicles and there's no real social area. In the flat, there's a bathroom, kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine (meaning we don't have to pay for washing ever again) and the whole layout just looks clean and welcoming. Plus getting the flat means I don't have to walk for ages just to get into campus.

So I have nine weeks to go through till Easter break and MY 19TH BIRTHDAY! Holy crap, I'm actually turning 19 this year?! I still look 5 years old with this ginger ringlet hair. I'll never change my hair of course because it's me. People know me by knowing I'm the crazy ginger so I'm proud of it.

I'm back to preparing my own meals (aka ping dinners) and sleeping on a single bed. I shouldn't complain about the bed because I'll get a single one in the new flat anyway, but I do miss my double soooo much!

I'm actually quite scared as to how we're in the second half of the year already, still feels like I've just started. Mind you, it's never really going to sink in that I now study at a university probably because I think I'm not capable of it. But I'm having a good time so I've proved to myself that I am capable.

I hope I can blog more often than I usually do, like I did when I first created this blog. Maybe I can post another album review in the weekend for you guys. I can review Muse's new album as it's become one of my ultimate favourites ever since I bought it.

Anyways, better get back to revising Gaelic. Obh, obh. Tioraidh an-drasta! :)

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