Monday, 28 January 2013

The mysterious creatures found in a BMus course...

So I've just had my first day of second term at university and I now feel inspired to write one of these posts. There are such a variety of people in my course, some people who are amazing and then there are a couple who just get on your tits the whole time. So to summarize for you, here's what my year in a Bachelor of Music degree contains of.

1. Too gay to function - There are the musical guys who are so nice and fun to talk to but of course, they're gay. But there's one in particular who's so camp for words, who also tries to complicate things in lectures. Pipe the fuck down, sister, no need to be like that.
2. The cute guys who are taken - We know the score ladies, you see that smoking hot lad just sitting a couple of rows ahead of you and then his loving girlfriend takes the seat beside him and kisses his cheek. In my case, all of these boys still have their girlfriends from high school. Depressing.
3. The guys who think they're the best damn thing on God's earth - If there's one thing I can't stand in this world, it's arrogant people. Completely hate it. And of course, there are quite a few in my course who think everything they do is right. One in particular, stays at the same building of halls as I do and just won't shut up about himself. Do me a favour and take a hike.
4. The popular crowd - The small group of people who try to attract everyone's attention, when you're acquaintances with them, it's fine. Screw them over though, and even if it's accidental, get ready for the stares.
5. The guy who knows all the mindboggling shit - Seriously, I spent the whole time in counterpoint nearly biting my nails because I was so confused. This guy always seems to sit in front of me and shouts out the answers to the questions that no-one else knows. I want some of his brain please!
6. The girls who just don't want to know you - You try to have a decent conversation with them but they sit with their friends and blank you. Bitches.
7. The unsociable one - There's this girl who always sits at the front, never talks to anyone and always wears the same clothes. Slightly awkward.
8. The boy who always wears shorts - UNTIL TODAY! I actually saw him wearing trousers for the first time ever. Mindblown.
9. The people you still don't know too well yet - Self explanatory
10. The crazy people you get on with instantly - Yep, I'm talking about my friends in my course who are as mad as a box of frogs but seeing as I'm pretty bonkers myself, we get on just fine. Most of the time during lectures, we just laugh. It's brilliant.

So basically everyone of these points you've read, I'm sure you'll find them in your university course too. You may be happy that high school is over but trust me, cliques still exist in colleges and universities, though it may not be as strict, watch your step. :O

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Back in the land of snow showers, none of it is staying though. Depressing. :O

So, I'm back in the Deen after the Winter break and my Gaelic exam is fast approaching. Eww. Today I went to see a showflat that's closer to the university than where I'm staying currently and OMG, it's so much nicer than this prison of a room. So me and two of my friends who are in my course are going to stay in one of these flats next year. SO EXCITED!! I mean, I do like staying here but it is basically like a prison where you have to pee in cubicles, shower in cubicles and there's no real social area. In the flat, there's a bathroom, kitchen with dishwasher and washing machine (meaning we don't have to pay for washing ever again) and the whole layout just looks clean and welcoming. Plus getting the flat means I don't have to walk for ages just to get into campus.

So I have nine weeks to go through till Easter break and MY 19TH BIRTHDAY! Holy crap, I'm actually turning 19 this year?! I still look 5 years old with this ginger ringlet hair. I'll never change my hair of course because it's me. People know me by knowing I'm the crazy ginger so I'm proud of it.

I'm back to preparing my own meals (aka ping dinners) and sleeping on a single bed. I shouldn't complain about the bed because I'll get a single one in the new flat anyway, but I do miss my double soooo much!

I'm actually quite scared as to how we're in the second half of the year already, still feels like I've just started. Mind you, it's never really going to sink in that I now study at a university probably because I think I'm not capable of it. But I'm having a good time so I've proved to myself that I am capable.

I hope I can blog more often than I usually do, like I did when I first created this blog. Maybe I can post another album review in the weekend for you guys. I can review Muse's new album as it's become one of my ultimate favourites ever since I bought it.

Anyways, better get back to revising Gaelic. Obh, obh. Tioraidh an-drasta! :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

I should be revising for my Gaelic exam... oh well, I've seen the programmes on Alba. :P

Hello everyone. So this is my second last full day at home before I go back to the ol' Deen. Winter's back with a vengeance isn't it? Although we must be the only place in the UK not to get snow. Heard Aberdeen has quite a bit so it's going to be fun on the Sunday bus.

So I'm currently sitting on the living room couch by the fire, watching as my guinea pigs squeak to me. I miss them so much when I'm away, my little babas. Especially Sam, he's my little fluffball. hehe. :)

Zip, the mum we got with her baby, (Sam's not the dad) is sleeping. These pictures were taken a while ago ps.

And Buttons, the baby guinea pig is now currently trying to eat her food bowl. Hence me saying bowl, not the food that's actually inside the bowl. haha.

My brother doesn't want me to leave once again, it gets harder actually every time I leave him. As he's autistic, he doesn't quite understand that university won't suit him but he's trying to cope with me being away. I can honestly say that he's my best friend as well as my younger brother, the one person I will always trust forever.

Since I've started my university journey, I feel as if my relationship with my parents has gotten so much stronger. Of course, we've always been a close family but we have had our struggles, as all families do. Especially with my mum, although we have a lot in common, we would often clash at certain points. Nowadays however, I can't actually remember the last time we argued and if we did, it would've been resolved pretty quickly. As for my dad, I've always had a special relationship with him. I remember those days where we made the Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge out of Lego or the car journeys we'd have when he would take me to a music lesson or to a piano/saxophone exam. I am your typical daddy's girl but I like to think it's without the 'being too spoilt' part although I know I'm extremely lucky. He can always make me laugh, no matter what occasion.
God, I'm actually starting to get tears in my eyes. Goodness sake, Eilidh, pull yourself together. Never expected this post to be about my family, the things that come from my own head at times. I guess, no matter where I go, I will always think of this place as home, a small house in the middle of nowhere near the North Pole. I love Aberdeen and I love the work, the uni and the people there but I love my home too.

Hope all is well with you, I suppose I better try to learn a few useful Gaelic words. If anyone knows how to swear in Gaelic, let me know, might come handy in my exam. haha. Ciao amigos. :)