Monday, 31 December 2012

Goals for the New Year, whether I'll stick to them is another story...

I never have New Year's resolutions because I break them all on New Year's Day. But I thought it would be a good idea to set a couple of goals for this new year and if I don't stick to them, you can yell at me. Yelling is good.

1. Get an actual job - I've never had a part-time job during school and this first year of university so far and money is tight at the mo. So it will be good to get an actual paying job during the summer so I can at least add paid experience to my CV.
2. Continue making YouTube videos and post more on here - Because it's become a hobby of mine which is good to have during breaks from exams and lectures etc and this blog has over 2000 views which is incredible. Thank you! :)
3. Work hard - Now this sounds typical but I have worked so hard in 2012 to get my spot in university so I would like to keep going now I'm in uni to tell everyone I deserve my place there next year.
4. Stay positive - I am a bubbly, happy person when I want to be and who wants to be miserable all their life? Yes there will be tough times but if you try to stay positive whatever you're doing, life will be so much better.
5. Get my first kiss - Now you're probably thinking, oh god here we go, she's gonna be saying that one of her wishes is to get a boyfriend but that's not the case. If I do find someone this year, then great but I want to see what the big hype about getting a first kiss is all about and get that over and done with. So I can actually stop worrying, that's a good idea right?
6. Visit my bessie in Edinburgh - Because we still haven't seen each other yet at each other's universities and I want to see where all the magic happens! hehe.

So yeah, random goals I know but hopefully I'll achieve at least one of them in 2013. Fingers crossed. Well actually it's more than just fingers crossed, it's about getting your finger out of your arse to go and do it. Yep, I said it. Enjoy Hogmany! :)

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