Sunday, 30 December 2012

Year In Review: 2012 - What a Hell of a Year! :)

So it's nearly the end of another year. 2012 is almost over, and what a year it has been. So many things have happened this year which has made it the best ever, one year I will remember for forever more. Most people complain about how this year has been shit or whatever and they can't wait for this year to be over, for me, I will be sad to say farewell to 2012 because it helped me to develop so much as a person in just these 12 months. I made a list on my Facebook last year writing about the events that happened in 2011 but no-one really cared about reading it, so I'm posting the 2012 edition on here because you're cooler than any of my Facebook friends, and that's a fact. :)

I have finally left high school and have made great friends during the last six years and some people who I couldn't wait to say goodbye too. I was part of two amazing music groups in the Highlands where I have made friends who I hope I will be friends with for life, I got the chance to play my saxophone with other people and it was just a wonderful experience. I got distinction in my Grade 7 saxophone exam and got great results in my exams this year which made me earn my place at a great university. I was part of the NYJOS 20th anniversary celebrations and had such a wonderful time in my second year of attending the summer school. I've moved away from home and have coped with trying to live a completely different lifestyle to what I've been used to. I saw the Overtones live and met them afterwards. I started making YouTube videos and have made new friends on there who have been nothing short but supportive, which makes me regret that I didn't do it sooner, but I also found so many new YouTubers to watch this year who I have become addicted to their videos and they are so passionate about what they produce, it's incredible to watch. I turned 18 this year, so I can now call myself an adult, to think that my childhood is now just a memory, it terrifies me every single day.

But 2012 has been a great year for the UK as well. We celebrated the Golden Jubilee, Queen played live several times this year, then there were the London olympics where the GB team did us proud by winning so many medals, the one day we'll never forget is the 4th of August where Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah all won gold medals in one night, British classics were brought back to life with Paul McCartney, The Who, Elton John and so on.

There have been some tough times. This year has been harder than most with all the work for exams, music and university so far. I found out a close relative of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the anniversary this year of my nanna's death. I was homesick at random parts of the year, trying to cope with being away from home.

But if I look back to who I was this time last year, I had no idea where I was going to end up after school had finished. I had next to no faith in myself, hardly had a clue of what was going to happen next. I would concentrate on the little things like I'm fat, ugly, never had a boyfriend etc and I still do but this year I've realised, life is too short for putting yourself down all the time. Yes I still haven't had a boyfriend yet but there's still time, like I said, life is too short to be worrying about things like that. There have been many inspirations in my life, but Queen have been more inspiring to me this year than any other year of my life I have spent listening to their music. Freddie Mercury, is my guardian angel and he has brought me here, and has made me gain so much more confidence and belief in myself. Queen are nothing short but brilliant and they have given me that missing spark I desperately needed to go out there and fight for what I want in this life. So I can't thank them enough for just being themselves and for being bloody damn good musicians.

I have made so many incredible friendships this year which I hope will last for a long time. I'm of course talking about the wonderful people on Twitter, whether you're a Queenie or not. You are incredible people, so thank you for being there for me when times have gotten tough or when I needed someone special to talk to. It means so much to me, I can't put it into words.

But thank you to everyone who has been such a huge part of my life in 2012, you have helped me to make this the best year ever. I hope you'll still be by my side in 2013, I'll have a complete year in Aberdeen University to look forward to, stressful exams, and tough times ahead but I'll still have my music, I'll still have Queen and hopefully, I'll still have my supportive friends and family as time goes on.

I never have New Year's resolutions because I break them all on New Year's Day. But I thought it would be a good idea to set a couple of goals for this new year and if I don't stick to them, you can yell at me. Yelling is good.

1. Get an actual job - I've never had a part-time job during school and this first year of university so far and money is tight at the mo. So it will be good to get an actual paying job during the summer so I can at least add paid experience to my CV.
2. Continue making YouTube videos and post more on here - Because it's become a hobby of mine which is good to have during breaks from exams and lectures etc and this blog has over 2000 views which is incredible. Thank you! :)
3. Work hard - Now this sounds typical but I have worked so hard in 2012 to get my spot in university so I would like to keep going now I'm in uni to tell everyone I deserve my place there next year.
4. Stay positive - I am a bubbly, happy person when I want to be and who wants to be miserable all their life? Yes there will be tough times but if you try to stay positive whatever you're doing, life will be so much better.
5. Get my first kiss - Now you're probably thinking, oh god here we go, she's gonna be saying that one of her wishes is to get a boyfriend but that's not the case. If I do find someone this year, then great but I want to see what the big hype about getting a first kiss is all about and get that over and done with. So I can actually stop worrying, that's a good idea right?
6. Visit my bessie in Edinburgh - Because we still haven't seen each other yet at each other's universities and I want to see where all the magic happens! hehe.

So yeah, random goals I know but hopefully I'll achieve at least one of them in 2013. Fingers crossed. Well actually it's more than just fingers crossed, it's about getting your finger out of your arse to go and do it. Yep, I said it.

So I wish you all the best for 2013, hope it will be a fantastic year for everyone. Enjoy Hogmany and New Year's Day, don't get too pissed and remember all the words to Auld Lang Syne. I'm Scottish and even I forget the lyrics, better go and memorise them for tomorrow night. :)

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