Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I had the most unlucky day EVER and it's not over YET.

So you want to hear me moan? It's been a while but today has been such a bad day. I had keyboard skills at 9am which is just so irritating, can't stand it. But before that I went to one of the university practise rooms beforehand and leave my phone in there. I go back to get it and it's gone. I still haven't found it so I'm praying that someone has handed it in to security or reception so I can pick it up tomorrow. Had to happen just before my first ever university test for the course and the day before I go home so I was freaking out so badly. Then I forget my homework for the 2 hour, I repeat, 2 HOUR lecture so I have to walk back to halls to pick up the homework. Then I spend all of the spare time I had today trying to find this bloody phone, still no luck. Then there was the two hour lecture which was horrible, and now I have to go to concert band rehearsal with a pounding headache and I feel sick. Yeah, so today has been great! I posted this on my Facebook and my auntie comments on it, sending me hugs. She's going through treatment for breast cancer at the moment and I moan about losing my phone.... I now feel really shallow. My parents are going to kill me when I see them tomorrow night so yeah, bring it on. Hope your day has been better than mine, not hard to be. :(

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