Monday, 5 November 2012

Happy November! Enjoy the fireworks!

Thought I would do a little blogpost from the fancy university library!

Yeah, wolfwhistle alright! Tres posh, what not? How did I mix up an old English saying with French, that makes sense right? So I don't really have much to say, except I am so glad it's finally November. And it's bloody freezing. Also the location of my halls is starting to freak me out, let's just say there are a lot of peados close by ready to strike. Either that or the university sent an email to all the 1st year girls just to scare them. That's why I'm trying to refuse going out at night as much as I can. And if I do go out, it's with someone I know, as this place is pretty messed up.

Work is starting to pile up now, got three assignments for Gaelic I have to submit by Friday, woopie. It's currently reading week for the music course, so I have no music lectures and then next week, it's reading week for all Language courses so I will have no Gaelic classes that week. Would've been amazing if they were both on the same week instead of having to change everything once again. I'm in a moany mood today so try to deal with it, or you can just click the cross sign on this tab.

Next weekend, I'll be home, which is going to be so strange but I can't wait to see my family and of course see my friends from the music groups I used to go to. It's going to be a right laugh. Dunno how to pack though, should I take my laptop with me and my saxophones? It's for one weekend but I don't want Parker or Dixie to be stolen by peados.

Bet you're glad you're reading this post, right? This is what happens when I have spare time before my Gaelic aural lecture. Better go and listen to an OAP yell in Gaelic. It's fun, no really. Ciao..... Every YouTuber has a nickname for their subscribers or viewers, maybe I should come up with something.... I get distracted so easily! Bye guys! :)

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