Wednesday, 21 November 2012

20/11/12 - The day I saw AND met The Overtones! :) ♥

I have some pretty pictures to show you, of the guys obviously, not my shiny face. :O

Have several photos of them on stage. :)

Lachie recognised me as I was dancing away in the hall, and he was honestly the sweetest. He wrote my name on the CD and spelt it right, considering he's from Australia, I'm impressed! :)

Timmy hugged me in the audience when they came out in The Glory Of Love. :)

Here I am with Mark. :)

And I dropped my camera in front of Mike and Darren. But they were so sweet about it, just me being so clumsy and starstruck obviously! :)

And here is their second album signed by all five of them. :)

Still smiling and I will be for weeks! :)

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