Sunday, 5 August 2012

What a joke. For youths to rely on.

This is a poster from last year, and this is the heading it gives you. Basically, you can find out your results through text or email whilst you're away. Last year, it worked in our favour, as I was one of the 30,000 pupils who got their SQA results early. This year, they claim they're going to send the results on Tuesday to people's phone or email in boxes before we get them through the post. So we find out a couple of hours earlier. Here's an idea, how about we find out much earlier than that, so we can organise for the university we're willing to go to instead of every teenager in Scotland freaking out so much, some of them are close to committing suicide! Ummm....? No of course not, that's a stupid idea, completely against the bloody Curriculum of Excellence! :O Sorry, I'm a bit nervous about getting my results in under 48 hours or so. Don't really know exactly, I've lost count. AHHH!

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