Monday, 13 August 2012

Goodbye London 2012!

So many of you will have watched the closing ceremony yesterday and once again, it didn't disappoint. With many musical acts making an appearance, John Lennon's face formed in the stadium, the whole ground covered with newspaper, it had it all. Of course the most magical moment was when Freddie appeared on the screen singing to the crowd. Now being a massive Queenie, and knowing how much they've inspired me in life, I did burst into tears at that moment. But it was incredible to see how he still captivates the crowd and controls them with the palm of his hand, nearly 21 years after his death. And then the roar from that Red Special, soared into view as Brian May, with his coat with Badgers and Foxes and that familiar Q, walked to the stage, still looking bloody marvellous rocking out that incredible Brighton Rock solo. As for Roger Taylor, now he's shaved his beard, he looks young again. That familiar drum beat for We Will Rock You filled the stadium, as a young Jessie J joined them. To be honest, she didn't blow it, but she wasn't incredible. It didn't matter as Brian and Roger were in a class of their own anyway for most people to notice. I am so proud of them, still shaking with pride today. Then it was soon time to extinguish the Olympic flame. Where Take That made an appearance without Robbie... I prefer them as the four of them anyway, considering Gary lost his stillborn child just a few days ago, it was great to see him sing again. Overall, the closing ceremony was incredible, as were the overall Olympics. Shame it's all over now, nothing to watch on TV for the next four years. Bring on Rio 2016 and well done to all the athletes, especially the one's in GB who got us 3rd in the Medal Table. :D

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