Wednesday, 25 July 2012

One of my rants about how this human race can be horrible to each other.

So today, I've been going through all sorts of thoughts in my mind, the strange person I am and I keep thinking to how human nature is such a horrible bitch sometimes. The main reason I keep thinking about it is due to the news of how the church is against same sex marriages in Scotland. I just think it's wrong, and to be honest it's on the lines of discrimination. And the reason the church is like that, is due to some people's stereotypical views on what they think is right or wrong in the world. Now, I'm not writing this saying I'm a complete saint, thinking against this, but it just annoys me how some people nowadays are so cruel and against people being gay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if they find the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, then we should just let them. Some of the most amazing musicians in this world are gay or bisexual, Freddie was and he was the most stunning person ever to exist. Elton John is a knight, has a son and is considered the greatest pop artist in the past 60 years of British Music. David Bowie is bisexual, even though he's been married to his wife for a long time now, he wasn't scared to admit he was bi. These three gentlemen are inspirations today for many people who struggle to announce to their peers that they're gay. I think people treat it as some kind of tag now, which just annoys me. Just because they're gay, it doesn't make them any different to anyone else, they know their goals in life and know what they're looking for. I mean, I made a friend at NYJOS last week, and she asked me a question which was, 'If you could be a man, would you be gay or straight?' I had no idea how to answer that question, but I did say I would love to have a gay best friend. And she turned around to me and said, I'll be yours. She was so brave in telling me that she's been out with girls as well as boys, and I really admired her for that. But she was scared in telling me that she was bi, that she would lose me as a friend. But I just brushed it off and said, thank you for sharing that with me. I thought it was great that she was able to share that with me, as she didn't tell that many people before. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, listen to people and get to know their personality. Not just brand them in terms of orientation.

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