Monday, 30 July 2012

I don't even know what to call these posts anymore.... BLAAAAGGH!! There we go, good title. :P

Hello! So apparently, my YouTube channel is two years old today. Well I made it two years ago, even though I didn't start posting videos with my face on them until a couple of months ago. But anyway, Happy Birthday YouTube channel! Hopefully I'll have better videos in the future. And also on here, it apparently says there have been 100 pageviews. Now I don't know if you were just passing by or if you're a follower (wink Harriet wink!) but you guys are crazy! I mean you really want to read ranty, messed up posts from an immature Queen-obsessed fat 18 year old ginger? Ok, that's fine with me. Meeeheeehe. So yeah, right now, nothing is happening which SUCKS! I suppose I better go into town tomorrow, applied for a job at the local Co-op three weeks ago and have never heard from them since. I need answers! And money! If I'm ever going to survive at uni... if I even get in the uni.... god that's the next step, bloody hell. Anyway, signing off now. Ciao amigos!

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