Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another ranty post, but what's new?

One thing that annoys me so much these days: Talent Shows. I mean come on, who are we trying to kid here? They used to be ok, I mean I was 8 when Pop Idol was on the screen and I really enjoyed it. I mean everyone remembers the whole country going crazy as to whether Will Young or Gareth Gates were going to win that important recording contract. And of course at 8 I had my first crush on a celebrity and it was on Gareth Gates. But then X Factor appeared and replaced it. It was as if X Factor was a lot more serious and a lot more intense. I mean we didn't see the Ant and Dec sketches anymore, we didn't see Foxy having a good time, it was all serious and down to the wire. And now of course it's the same thing year after year after year. Of course I didn't watch X Factor last year with all it's new judges, because I think talent shows are just getting old. And the prize is always the same. Whoever wins gets to be owned by Simon Cowell. He gets all the money, he gets all the fame. One album and maybe a number one single later and then that's it. What the next thing we're going to hear? The runners up in these contests always do better in these competitions, they get a recording contract before the winner, release their material before the winner and become more well known. Like Olly Murs, JLS, maybe Cher Lloyd at a push. And another thing that annoys me about these programmes, they always do cheap tacky cover versions of other artists songs. So original. And they use autotune and all that crap afterwards. Shows how a singing competition really turns on its head. I mean Alexandra Burke for example, had a great voice, her last song featured an Elephant and her voice was completely autotuned. Just why? Can someone else explain it to me? Because I don't understand it. Coming from my point of view, some musicians work their butts off to reach for the stars and these programmes just makes you famous for being on that programme, and it's easy to be recognised from there! Don't know about you, but that is irritating. Wanting to work in music, I can see how it's slowly dying and we're completely relying on electronics now. Anyway, rant over. Hope you're having a good day. This weather today is weird....... :P

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