Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Album Review - Kerry Ellis: Anthems

So I thought it would be a good idea to start reviewing certain albums I've been listening to as I keep neglecting this blog. By the way, I'm not a professional critic so this is just my opinion on albums so hopefully they might get you to listen to the album or not depending on your personal tastes. I've been listening to this album for months now so I thought I would share with you the incredible powerhouse that is Kerry Ellis. Produced by Brian May, this album has the tingling guitar solos we all recognise with brilliantly arranged variations of old theatre and rock classics. So I'm going to give you a rundown of each track for you to get an idea.

1. Dangerland - A dramatic, yet mystical and magical first track. It has an eerie sound to it, and yet you can still hear the power of Kerry's voice throughout the song. The backing vocals bring more drive to the song, and the guitar is impressive to the ears as always. You know when you hear this track that the album is going to be a good one. A great creation written by Brian, an amazing build up to what's to come.
2. Anthem - A classic song from the musical Chess sang to perfection. With the added classic May guitar, the power is off the scale. The notes Kerry hits send shivers down you spine. A masterpiece, you can really feel the emotion throughout. Breathtaking.
3. I Can't Be Your Friend (This Can't Be Over) - Another brilliant song written by Brian with Don Black. You then discover how Kerry's voice can fit many styles of music, from ballads to hard rock and of course songs from musicals. A beautiful track once again, a stunning voice gracefully tells the story of heartbreak.
4. Defying Gravity - As Kerry was in a production of Wicked, it was good to hear her variation of the songs on this album. The dramatic intro with drums and Brian's guitar moving to the upbeat piano riffs gets you moving, a rock tune worth dancing too. Once again the vocals leave you speechless, you can really hear the musical theme in this song without it sounding too cheesy. Just wow.
5. I'm Not That Girl - Another Wicked song with a rocky edge. Slower than the previous track but still stores the power and beauty of this talented singer. Brian's guitar solo also is stunning. I guess you can tell that I'm a massive Queen/Brian May fan. :)
6. You Have To Be There - This song is apparently from the musical Kristina that I'm not aware of. A mysterious intro suddenly entrances you to the song, with the guitar sounding like a string instrument, it sounds more classical at first. But then the anthem blows you away once again, Kerry sings it with emotion and passion.
7. Love It When You Call - The Killers version of this song, I'm not a fan of. Kerry's version though, has become a favourite of mine. Here we see the cheeky, fun side to Kerry, you can imagine singing this along with her at a concert with the hand claps. Brian's guitar make this variation sound 10 times better than the original, making it sound more rocky and genuine. Also hearing Brian in the backing vocals makes me laugh. :)
8. Save Me - Her own take on a Queen classic, of course written by Brian. This is a more classical take on the song, but she does it justice. If you're aware of the Save Me campaign, this song is played on the website but you only hear the vocals at the end. Of course you can't beat Freddie's voice, but at least with Kerry, you get a great version of the song without it sounding the same.
9. Diamonds Are Forever - Dramatic, with that recognisable diva instinct. Once again, Kerry makes it her own with Brian's riffs building up the intense feel to the track and apparently the lyrics were alternately written for her but are very well done. The big notes she sings once again leave you bewildered, incredible talent.
10. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) - I first heard the We Will Rock You soundtrack that was recorded live, that's how I first heard Kerry and was mindblown. This is a more classical version which is fresh on the ears. Brian has said at one of her concerts that Kerry's taken this song as her own, and she has. The emotion throughout is absolutely stunning. You can really hear the angelic tone to her voice in this song, almost brings a tear to your eye.
11. I Loved A Butterfly (Some Things That Glitter) - Originally a Queen + Paul Rodgers song, this acoustic version is relaxing to listen to. You can really hear Brian's guitar skills in this track and Kerry's vocals sound so smooth, she makes it sound easy to sing when it isn't. A chilled end to a beautiful album.

Overall Rating - 10/10. If you're a massive Queen fan or want to listen to pure vocal talent, this woman is stunning. Both Kerry and Brian should be proud with all the hard work they put into this album as it's a masterpiece throughout without a single bad song in it. Kerry's a beautiful woman inside and out and I'm glad she hasn't changed anything and has been herself, as she will be a huge role model to other generations. BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!! :O

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