Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Post of the day, bye bye July 2012!

Thank you to all the Glamberts or Non-Glamberts for reading my album review, the response has been incredible. If any of you have any ideas as to what the next album I shall review could be, let me know below. I try not to be biased in these reviews and try to be as completely honest as I can. I mean yes, my Kerry Ellis album review got full marks, but there really wasn't a single track on there you could put down. It was her talent, and Brian's producing that made it work. I am a Queen fan, but I mean with the Paul Rodgers album and even a couple of tracks on certain original albums don't really work. I really hate being picky, but being a musician, you kinda have to be picky to survive in this world. So in other news, I've been ironing around 50 different items today, and I've had enough. I mean who would want to do ironing as their job? It's the last day of July, my cousin is still here, making a mess and tomorrow is my little brother's 16th birthday. Bloody hell, he's turning 16. Jeez louise! So we're going bowling tomorrow which I'm really excited about, for months I've been having this bowling fetish and now I'm finally going! Yay! Anyway, hope you're enjoying your last day of July 2012, that's one half of the year over already. This time next week, I will find out if I'm going to university or college, god help us! AHHHHH!! I'm now going to find out who the raspy voice is for the gymnastics at the Olympics, I'm loving the sound of his voice, which doesn't sound creepy at all. Haha, take care guys! :D <3

Monday, 30 July 2012


Bloody hell! At least 500 pageviews in under 6 hours more or less! Wow, thanks guys. Maybe I should do more album reviews in the future. Music is my life and I really enjoy finding out new stuff to listen to. :D

Album Review - Adam Lambert: Trespassing

So Adam Lambert finally released his brand new album Trespassing in the UK this month so I've been listening to it on Spotify. I've always quite liked Adam Lambert, way before he joined with Queen this year to play concerts. His song from his first album, Whataya Want From Me, was played a lot when I visited Switzerland for a school exchange in my 4th year so it brings back good memories. And Adam's music seems to blend elements of rock, pop, glam and dance together which is interesting to listen to. I'm not a lover of dance music, there are a few exceptions of course, but that irritating beat and the autotune on most tunes nowadays just drives me crazy. But on this album, you can hear real vocals and a more natural sense to the music, which is a huge breath of fresh air. Once again, this is my own personal review on this album, I'm not a professional critic, but hopefully this might persuade some of you to go and buy this album, because I'm going to! :D

1. Trespassing - This song really gets you going. The stomps and claps make you want to rock along with it. This is the more rock side to Adam in this opening track and it's one of my favourites. Adam's vocals soar over the amazing bass riff and heavy guitar.  As soon as this track plays, you just want to dance to it. Love it.
2. Cuckoo - We then move on to the more dance-pop era with his track. The dance beats are good because they're not right in your face like most artists these days.
3. Shady - The vocals in this are sooo good. The bends at the end of vocal lines are so smooth and sexy, it's sizzling. This song has a funky edgy sound to it which just makes you want to swing along to it. And it's also good to hear Sam Sparro's voice again
4. Never Close Our Eyes - A dance track to make you move. Adam's vocals in this are sublime and this track is filled with colour and life. It has a certain hidden retro style to it which is fascinating to listen to.
5. Kickin' In - At the start I wasn't sure about this track, and it's still not really growing on me. Have to say though, the harmonies, Adam's high notes and the bass riff are all amazing in this track but for some reason, this song isn't getting to me as much as the other ones did. Probably because I find the lyrics a bit repetitive. I hate being picky. :(
6. Naked Love - I absolutely love the guitar in this, sounds almost Latin American like. This song gets you dancing that's for sure.
7. Pop That Lock - This dance number has a sense of mystery to it, yes it has that dance beat but something in the key which makes it sounds eerie and mysterious.
8. Better Than I Know Myself - This was the first single and that's where I saw the maturity in Adam's music. This song is sang beautifully, and is so addictive to listen to. Here you can hear his personal side, his hidden fear of being himself, and he communicates it so well. The emotion in this is beautiful and the high notes are sang so effortlessly, it does send shivers down your spine.
9. Broken English - I never thought I would like the electronic beat in the chorus, at first I thought it was too intense. But after listening to it a couple of times, this song has grown on me. Once again it has it's mysterious eerie side to it. Very well done.
10. Underneath - The emotion in this track almost made me shed a tear, not even joking. Here we lose all the dance beats and just hear the raw power of Adam's voice. Other reviews have been complaining about the second half of this album as it's too 'emotional and emo'. I completely disagree, it's stunning to listen to. The ghost-like feel for this highlights this pure emotion.
11. Chokehold - We return to the more rocky side with this track. Once again it sounds very mysterious. This song is really good, one of my faves. You could easily headbang to this track.
12. Outlaws of Love - This song, once again has this emotional melancholy feel to it, and it's nice to break away from the dance beat again. This is a beautiful ballad like tune, with a powerful message. The beauty of Adam's voice fits this perfectly, the serious side to this album.
13. Runnin' - The drum beat in this is powerful and heavy which makes it really dramatic. It's also nice to hear Adam use the lower notes, which he can make sound as beautiful as his higher notes. This is a strong, exciting song, with that thumping beat pumping throughout the whole thing. Not meaning to be picky again, but ending that one note on the bridge before the last chorus with autotune wasn't necessary, kinda annoyed me. :P
14. Take Back - The piano sounds great in this rock like track. You realise why his fanbase is called Glamberts because there is always a theatrical and diva side to his tunes.
15. Nirvana - This track has that edge with the piano chords, making it sound dramatic and having that oomph. (good review there Eilidh.) The chorus does warm up and makes it sound more cheery in a way without making it so mushy about love.
16. By The Rules - The techno sound is really recognisable in this bonus track. It also has this continental sound to it, which is interesting. The guitar part is great, smooth and sexy.  Vocals are not as exciting as the previous tracks, not sure why. But like I said, that's my opinion, you may love this track.
17. Map - The final two bonus tracks have the techno element to them. This tune has this optimistic feel to this, which is nice to hear but it's losing its power a bit. Nice song, just wish it had a bit more of a big ending. Maybe I've been listening to Queen too much. :P

Overall Rating - 8/10. This album is great, you can really tell how much Adam has developed as a music artist. Ok, some of the tunes weren't that good, but that's the case of most albums. Haven't really listened to his first album but with some of the singles I've heard from there, this new album is a big step in the right direction. And with 17 tracks on this, there sure will be something for everyone to love. My faves are Trespassing, Shady, Better Than I Know Myself, Never Close Our Eyes, Underneath and Naked Love. I'm glad Brian and Roger were able to recognise Adam's talent with vocals and they did concerts with him. So even if you're not that fond of dance music, like myself, but you want to hear amazing vocals with that hint of drive and power, Adam's your man. I think I have turned into a Glambert! :)

I don't even know what to call these posts anymore.... BLAAAAGGH!! There we go, good title. :P

Hello! So apparently, my YouTube channel is two years old today. Well I made it two years ago, even though I didn't start posting videos with my face on them until a couple of months ago. But anyway, Happy Birthday YouTube channel! Hopefully I'll have better videos in the future. And also on here, it apparently says there have been 100 pageviews. Now I don't know if you were just passing by or if you're a follower (wink Harriet wink!) but you guys are crazy! I mean you really want to read ranty, messed up posts from an immature Queen-obsessed fat 18 year old ginger? Ok, that's fine with me. Meeeheeehe. So yeah, right now, nothing is happening which SUCKS! I suppose I better go into town tomorrow, applied for a job at the local Co-op three weeks ago and have never heard from them since. I need answers! And money! If I'm ever going to survive at uni... if I even get in the uni.... god that's the next step, bloody hell. Anyway, signing off now. Ciao amigos!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Another ranty post, but what's new?

One thing that annoys me so much these days: Talent Shows. I mean come on, who are we trying to kid here? They used to be ok, I mean I was 8 when Pop Idol was on the screen and I really enjoyed it. I mean everyone remembers the whole country going crazy as to whether Will Young or Gareth Gates were going to win that important recording contract. And of course at 8 I had my first crush on a celebrity and it was on Gareth Gates. But then X Factor appeared and replaced it. It was as if X Factor was a lot more serious and a lot more intense. I mean we didn't see the Ant and Dec sketches anymore, we didn't see Foxy having a good time, it was all serious and down to the wire. And now of course it's the same thing year after year after year. Of course I didn't watch X Factor last year with all it's new judges, because I think talent shows are just getting old. And the prize is always the same. Whoever wins gets to be owned by Simon Cowell. He gets all the money, he gets all the fame. One album and maybe a number one single later and then that's it. What the next thing we're going to hear? The runners up in these contests always do better in these competitions, they get a recording contract before the winner, release their material before the winner and become more well known. Like Olly Murs, JLS, maybe Cher Lloyd at a push. And another thing that annoys me about these programmes, they always do cheap tacky cover versions of other artists songs. So original. And they use autotune and all that crap afterwards. Shows how a singing competition really turns on its head. I mean Alexandra Burke for example, had a great voice, her last song featured an Elephant and her voice was completely autotuned. Just why? Can someone else explain it to me? Because I don't understand it. Coming from my point of view, some musicians work their butts off to reach for the stars and these programmes just makes you famous for being on that programme, and it's easy to be recognised from there! Don't know about you, but that is irritating. Wanting to work in music, I can see how it's slowly dying and we're completely relying on electronics now. Anyway, rant over. Hope you're having a good day. This weather today is weird....... :P

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

One of my rants about how this human race can be horrible to each other.

So today, I've been going through all sorts of thoughts in my mind, the strange person I am and I keep thinking to how human nature is such a horrible bitch sometimes. The main reason I keep thinking about it is due to the news of how the church is against same sex marriages in Scotland. I just think it's wrong, and to be honest it's on the lines of discrimination. And the reason the church is like that, is due to some people's stereotypical views on what they think is right or wrong in the world. Now, I'm not writing this saying I'm a complete saint, thinking against this, but it just annoys me how some people nowadays are so cruel and against people being gay. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and if they find the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, then we should just let them. Some of the most amazing musicians in this world are gay or bisexual, Freddie was and he was the most stunning person ever to exist. Elton John is a knight, has a son and is considered the greatest pop artist in the past 60 years of British Music. David Bowie is bisexual, even though he's been married to his wife for a long time now, he wasn't scared to admit he was bi. These three gentlemen are inspirations today for many people who struggle to announce to their peers that they're gay. I think people treat it as some kind of tag now, which just annoys me. Just because they're gay, it doesn't make them any different to anyone else, they know their goals in life and know what they're looking for. I mean, I made a friend at NYJOS last week, and she asked me a question which was, 'If you could be a man, would you be gay or straight?' I had no idea how to answer that question, but I did say I would love to have a gay best friend. And she turned around to me and said, I'll be yours. She was so brave in telling me that she's been out with girls as well as boys, and I really admired her for that. But she was scared in telling me that she was bi, that she would lose me as a friend. But I just brushed it off and said, thank you for sharing that with me. I thought it was great that she was able to share that with me, as she didn't tell that many people before. I guess, what I'm trying to say is, listen to people and get to know their personality. Not just brand them in terms of orientation.

Monday, 23 July 2012

NYJOS, NYJOS, Where are the forms for next year?

So I haven't posted anything on here for a while. I do apologise, this past week has been hectic as I'll explain here. If you watch my YouTube videos (one of them is above this text) you will have seen a vlog I edited of my time at the NYJOS Summer School 2012. I had such an amazing time, it was great as it was the 20th Anniversary of the group. As you can tell with the background to this blog, I play the saxophone. And I've always been a lover of jazz music and have always wanted to learn more about it, especially as my teacher specialises in classical/exam pieces. He recommended this course to me last year and of course I jumped at it. So my first year was last year where it was held at Strathallan and it was incredible. I met so many people there from all over Scotland who also had a love of jazz and had the opportunity to learn how to play amazing music and make lifelong friends. So this year, it was great to see some of these people again but also to see some new faces and make even more new friends. Yes the course is pretty pricey and some people can't afford it, I mean £330 is an awful lot of money, but the amount you learn and the experience you get is second to none so if you play a jazz instrument and live in Scotland, you have to go to the NYJOS Summer School, I'm now ordering you to go. And who knows, if I save enough money next year, maybe you might see me there. Now that would be funny. :) And to finish that post, here's how we spent our time in our combo room. :D

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Album Review - Kerry Ellis: Anthems

So I thought it would be a good idea to start reviewing certain albums I've been listening to as I keep neglecting this blog. By the way, I'm not a professional critic so this is just my opinion on albums so hopefully they might get you to listen to the album or not depending on your personal tastes. I've been listening to this album for months now so I thought I would share with you the incredible powerhouse that is Kerry Ellis. Produced by Brian May, this album has the tingling guitar solos we all recognise with brilliantly arranged variations of old theatre and rock classics. So I'm going to give you a rundown of each track for you to get an idea.

1. Dangerland - A dramatic, yet mystical and magical first track. It has an eerie sound to it, and yet you can still hear the power of Kerry's voice throughout the song. The backing vocals bring more drive to the song, and the guitar is impressive to the ears as always. You know when you hear this track that the album is going to be a good one. A great creation written by Brian, an amazing build up to what's to come.
2. Anthem - A classic song from the musical Chess sang to perfection. With the added classic May guitar, the power is off the scale. The notes Kerry hits send shivers down you spine. A masterpiece, you can really feel the emotion throughout. Breathtaking.
3. I Can't Be Your Friend (This Can't Be Over) - Another brilliant song written by Brian with Don Black. You then discover how Kerry's voice can fit many styles of music, from ballads to hard rock and of course songs from musicals. A beautiful track once again, a stunning voice gracefully tells the story of heartbreak.
4. Defying Gravity - As Kerry was in a production of Wicked, it was good to hear her variation of the songs on this album. The dramatic intro with drums and Brian's guitar moving to the upbeat piano riffs gets you moving, a rock tune worth dancing too. Once again the vocals leave you speechless, you can really hear the musical theme in this song without it sounding too cheesy. Just wow.
5. I'm Not That Girl - Another Wicked song with a rocky edge. Slower than the previous track but still stores the power and beauty of this talented singer. Brian's guitar solo also is stunning. I guess you can tell that I'm a massive Queen/Brian May fan. :)
6. You Have To Be There - This song is apparently from the musical Kristina that I'm not aware of. A mysterious intro suddenly entrances you to the song, with the guitar sounding like a string instrument, it sounds more classical at first. But then the anthem blows you away once again, Kerry sings it with emotion and passion.
7. Love It When You Call - The Killers version of this song, I'm not a fan of. Kerry's version though, has become a favourite of mine. Here we see the cheeky, fun side to Kerry, you can imagine singing this along with her at a concert with the hand claps. Brian's guitar make this variation sound 10 times better than the original, making it sound more rocky and genuine. Also hearing Brian in the backing vocals makes me laugh. :)
8. Save Me - Her own take on a Queen classic, of course written by Brian. This is a more classical take on the song, but she does it justice. If you're aware of the Save Me campaign, this song is played on the website but you only hear the vocals at the end. Of course you can't beat Freddie's voice, but at least with Kerry, you get a great version of the song without it sounding the same.
9. Diamonds Are Forever - Dramatic, with that recognisable diva instinct. Once again, Kerry makes it her own with Brian's riffs building up the intense feel to the track and apparently the lyrics were alternately written for her but are very well done. The big notes she sings once again leave you bewildered, incredible talent.
10. No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) - I first heard the We Will Rock You soundtrack that was recorded live, that's how I first heard Kerry and was mindblown. This is a more classical version which is fresh on the ears. Brian has said at one of her concerts that Kerry's taken this song as her own, and she has. The emotion throughout is absolutely stunning. You can really hear the angelic tone to her voice in this song, almost brings a tear to your eye.
11. I Loved A Butterfly (Some Things That Glitter) - Originally a Queen + Paul Rodgers song, this acoustic version is relaxing to listen to. You can really hear Brian's guitar skills in this track and Kerry's vocals sound so smooth, she makes it sound easy to sing when it isn't. A chilled end to a beautiful album.

Overall Rating - 10/10. If you're a massive Queen fan or want to listen to pure vocal talent, this woman is stunning. Both Kerry and Brian should be proud with all the hard work they put into this album as it's a masterpiece throughout without a single bad song in it. Kerry's a beautiful woman inside and out and I'm glad she hasn't changed anything and has been herself, as she will be a huge role model to other generations. BUY THIS ALBUM NOW!! :O

Monday, 2 July 2012

I wanna rock and roll all night, and party everyday! :D

Yes I'm the girl in the middle with two dudes from my (ex) school's Blues Brothers tribute band. haha, just kidding. That photo was taken backstage before we went on to play Soul Man at the rock event. That night was great fun. It started though with a long day rehearsing before hand, most of the time I sat and watched. Soon enough though, we rehearsed our pieces. I played the saxophone for two pieces and there were two other saxophonists in the groups, the one in the photo and the one not in the photo (the other guy in the photo was the bass player!). We played Superstition and Soul Man, and then I played the big finale which was the beast known to everyone as Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano. The atmosphere during that last performance was electric, the adrenaline was pumping all over, it was epic. Of course we had our two star performers as well during the night, they're an amazing comedy duo. I'll put a link to their video here where they perform their own mashup.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nqPZzXCZqQ

So to sum up, the night was a hit, yes the raffle lasted for over an hour, and we didn't finish till after 11, and I was bloody exhausted the next day, but it was great. It also comes to show that our school actually has talent, and it does take guts to go out and perform in front of people you know and recognise. That's why I love music so much as it's exhilarating when you get the chance to perform music you love and the energy that builds on the stage is hard to describe but also hard to top. So if you have a talent for music and love performing or want to gain the experience, go to your school and ask if you can organise a music event. Or go to music workshops around your area if you've already left. You'll be amazed how much music can change your life. :)

Please forgive me.... :O

So I haven't posted anything in over a week, how bad of me. But no-one looks at this blog so I guess I'm forgiven. So it's finally the summer holidays (wish we would have the good weather to go with it.) even though I have had a couple of weeks off after I signed my leavers form, but I had a saxophone exam and a rock event to prepare for. I'll write a separate post for the rock event later on as it was great. So I've just given in an application form for a summer job in my local Co-op store and have sent letters, one to my local Tesco store so let's see if I'll be able to get a summer job as I seriously need one. Anyway, I hope you guys are having a good day so far. :)