Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This is why I adore my best friend! :)

I got a letter from my best friend yesterday I've known since nursery and she sent me some really nice goodies. One of them was a two coloured Starburst after I sent her a purple Starburst wrapper that had a dirty innuendo on it (hehe) which I ate in a second, it was good. Should've saved the wrapper but it basically said 'Balance the Starburst on your finger.' I love the pencil she sent me, you know (or should know) that music is my life, so getting a pencil that's the shape of a treble clef is so cute. She made me another friendship bracelet after I accidentally lost the last one, and it's just so pretty. And I also got a Very Berry face mask. I've seen these types of masks and have always wanted to try one but I wasn't sure whether to buy one or not so it was great she sent me one. The smell of it was gorgeous, smelt a lot like berry yoghurt. When I applied it, it made me laugh so much as I looked like Violet Beauregarde when she turned into a blueberry. Ironic as it was a blueberry and cranberry mask... But it did made me feel so relaxed which was handy considering my saxophone exam is fast approaching. So I'm going to the chemist today and buy some more as my exam is tomorrow.... AHHHH! :O

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