Sunday, 17 June 2012

Reasons why I’ll always be single

1. I’m incredibly immature for an 18 year old. Hardly drink, never really got drunk. Don’t believe in these marquee things, sure they could be fun, but I never go to them.
2. I always look for perfection. My ideal man would be a musician, who’s kind and thoughtful, handsome of course, brown chocolate eyes, long-ish hair (preferably brown) and has a sense of humour. See how incredibly fussy I am. :P
3. I’m in love with an incredible band called Queen and many people have called my love for this band mental.
4. I’ve never had a boyfriend in the first place. I have asked people out, they always turn me down. That means I have no confidence to ask anyone ever again.
5. I have size 9 feet and I’m a size 18. Got spotty skin and the face of a 12 year old. My curly ginger hair makes me look like a ragdoll.
6. I’m me and I’m never going to change. Ever.

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