Sunday, 17 June 2012

Random moany post.

Little post tonight at midnight. Hah, poet, didn’t even know it. Bet you by the time I publish this it will be 1 in the morning and those couple of sentences wouldn’t even make much sense. So what’s on my mind tonight? Well for one thing, I’m bloody confused as to what day it is. Apparently it’s Wednesday (just) so I’ll have my saxophone lesson at 9am. But thanks to the jubilee, the band rehearsal which is usually on Mondays is on tonight. I get so confused even when it’s after midnight, so when I say tomorrow, I actually mean in around 8 hours from now. Time is such a confusing thing for everyone to digest. Sorry, it took me 5 minutes to choose a track on my iPod and I ended up with the Black Eyed Peas. But it’s ‘Where Is The Love?’ which is a good track, they used to be really good, now they got too techno for their own good and will whatever his name is deserted them for a crappy talent show. I hate talent shows now, as people look for appearance now rather than the talent. I mean for BGT, how many youth singers have progressed in the competition without an orange tan and liposuction? None, is the answer to that. How did we get so obsessed with appearance in the first place. Sure it’s important, but is it more important than personality? I’m in one of those ranty moods tonight, I do apologise. And my arm hurts leaning on it, owwwie. :(

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