Monday, 18 June 2012

Doctor Who Tag

When did you start to become a fan of Doctor Who? - Connie, my bessie recommended me to watch the new Doctor Who series in 2005, first with Christopher Eccleston and then with David Tennant. We would then always text each other about the episodes afterwards.

Favourite Doctor? - David Tennant, without a shadow of a doubt. He's gorgeous, really played the character well. He will always be my Doctor, no-one else can compare to him.

Favourite Companion? - Donna Noble. She made gingers look cool and I love how she was just friends with the Doctor and there was no awkwardness between them. She didn't suck up to him either, she was herself and didn't let anyone else take charge of her.

Favourite episode? - 42. Oh my god. First time I saw that episode, I was so scared. When the Doctor got the sun burning in him, I was almost crying with fear. Those 'Burn With Me' characters were creepy. And I also loved how every episode is 45 minutes long, and the time limit actually starts from the first second the episode runs.

Least favourite episode? - Let's Kill Hitler. I mean it had nothing to do with Hitler. It was all about River Song. She just really annoyed me. Those robot things were bizarre too. When I first heard the title of the episode, I thought it would be really good. I was bitterly disappointed.

Least favourite companion? - River Song. I'm sorry but her whole story line just confused me so much, all the attention was on her and she was just really irritating.

Least favourite doctor? - I've stopped watching Doctor Who after Matt Smith joined, well after the end of the second series. He's ok, but he'll never be as good as David Tennant.

If you are give a chance to become a companion, what kind of companion are you? - I would like to think I'd be like Donna but I would probably be like Martha. I would fall in love with the Doctor and he wouldn't feel the same.

Greatest monster you have ever seen in Doctor Who? - The Weeping Angels. Holy jesus, first time I saw Blink, it was bloody scary. The idea of the characters were amazing, were terrifying to watch. They weren't that good on the second episode they were on, but incredible monsters.

Worst monster you have ever seen in Doctor Who? - The Clockwork Droids didn't work for me. The episode they were was great for David's humour and Madame de Pompadour. They weren't that scary for me. Felt as if they've been done before. :(

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