Sunday, 17 June 2012

I have escaped from prison. Ok I left High School, don't take the title seriously!

Actually I signed my leavers form yesterday so it’s prison in that sense. I’m now officially an unemployed, 18 year old escaped convict. Which is nice. What made yesterday so surreal was the fact that I thought I would not have been allowed to actually sign the document. As I still have to sit my assessed bronze DOE, we were at first worried about insurance and the like, and I would’ve had to sit it on the 25th/26th June. Now it’s been moved to August and apparently it’s fine now which is all good. So I’ve left the school I’ve been stuck in for the past 6 years and it feels bloody strange. Six years have just zoomed past me and has taken the weight off my feet. In these 6 years, there have been the good times, bad times and the downright shitty ones. I’ve been abroad without parental supervision to Denmark, Paris, Switzerland and Germany. I’ve been a member of the Highland Schools Wind Band, the Highland Youth Big Band and the East Highland Concert Band. I’ve been to the NYJOS Summer School and I’m going again for the second time. I started saxophone in 3rd year and I’m going to be sitting my Grade 7 exam next week (AHHHH!). I’ve made so many friends it’s crazy. I’ve made some enemies. I’ve helped children with disabilities and have absolutely loved it. I’ve sat 6 Highers, 1 Advanced Higher and god knows how many Int 2/Standard Grades. I’ve never had a boyfriend in high school, never been kissed or have ever been fancied by anyone. I fancied one guy for about a year and a half and only got over him as soon as he finished school, since then I’ve never fancied anyone else since, not in that mad way. I lost my nanna 20 minutes before I had to go to school that day, which was practically the worst day of my life. So basically it’s actually been a bloody rollercoaster. Adults say the best years of their life were their school years, right now I’m still not convinced but it’s been one heck of a ride. :P

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