Thursday, 21 June 2012

How clothes shops now fail in supplying clothes in my opinion.

So I needed a pair of black bootcut jeans for this leavers meal, so after my exam, I ordered my dad to go to New Look. Went in there, all I could see where skinny jeans. I have massive calves (legs), skinny jeans don't work on me that well. I have a couple pairs of skinny jeans that do work from Peacocks but of course that place is now shut. :( The black jeans in New Look were skinny jeans so in the end I got a navy bootcut for £10. And then we went to Tesco's to get yoghurts. First thing we see in Tesco's are pairs of black bootcut jeans. Tesco's. I got two, one's that were stretchy and one's that were just a normal design of jeans, and they were £10 each. And they were the jeans I wanted. New Look has seriously been disappointing me recently for no longer stocking the t-shirts I love with the different designs and now, not having the jeans I like. Plus the quality has gone downhill too. Telling you, I'll probably end up getting all my clothes from supermarkets, I'll save a fortune and the clothes will actually last and suit me. :P

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