Sunday, 17 June 2012

Personal Questions Tag (2012)

This is seriously going to get personal, you ready? Oh god, here we go. I must be seriously bored!

If you were caught cheating, would you fess up? Of course.

Are you craving something? Chocolate….

If you could have one thing right now what would it be? A Red Special…. haha fat chance!

Would you rather have ten kids, or none? Dunno, probably ten.

What do you hear right now? The builders banging and hammering the new house close to us.

Is your bed against more than one of your walls? Well as it’s a loft bed, it’s nearly on another wall so I can climb up the ladder.

What’s on your mind right now? Chocolate. haha. I have no will power.

Are you there for your friends? I always say to them, that I’ll be there. So I hope I am.

Last person to see you cry? Can’t remember. Been quite a while since I’ve had a good sob.

What do you do when you get nervous? Used to bite my nails, but I haven’t bitten them in a month! BOOYAH! :P

Be honest, do you like people in general? Sure. 

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids? Dunno, I’ll be surprised if someone wants to spend the rest of their life with me first.

Does anyone completely understand you? Connie is probably the only person that has really understood me. She’s been my friend from the start and we still are even though we live a distance away from each other.

Do you have a reason to smile right now? Dunno, unless saxophone practise gets you wild! haha.

Has anyone told you they don’t ever wanna lose you? The guys from EHCB, like Genna but I know they will do just fine without me.

Would you be happier if life had a rewind button? Oh god yes.

Do you tell your mum or dad everything? I hardly tell them anything

Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes? Of course. My nanna died of lung cancer, and smoked for a while, even though she gave up herself and was smoke free for about 10 years, it must have affected her still. It’s just not worth it. 

Are you going to get hurt anytime soon by someone? Seriously hope not.

This time last year, can you remember who you liked? Nope. Probably because he turned out to be a dick.

Do you think more about the past, present, or future? All of them, mostly the future as I’ll soon be leaving home! Scary.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night? For school it was 8 hours, now I’m on study leave, it’s been 11. haha. :S

Are you easy to get along with? Some say I have, some say I’m too weird. Fuck them.

Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with? If I hated someone I wouldn’t have a conversation with her. They’re lovely girls from EHCB, such good banter.

What was the last drink that you put in your mouth? Tea last night. After this, I’m making tea.

What size bed do you have? Double! Oh how I’m going to miss my double. :(

Do you start the water before you get in the shower or when you get in? Start the water as it’s always cold at first when you turn it on

Do you like the rain? Sometimes. But in Scotland it always rains.

Do you think someone is thinking about you right now? Probably not, if they are, that’s nice of them.

Have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t do? Go on a rollercoaster. Thought I would never do it, never been so scared in my life.

Would people refer to you as a goodie goodie, bad news, or neither? Goodie goodie probably. When I’m not.

Who were you last in the car with, besides family? Can’t remember

What’s the last movie you saw in theaters and with who? Mr. Popper’s Penguins with Struan I think. I don’t really go to the cinema much as the local one is 40 miles away.

Have you ever kissed someone who had a boyfriend/ girlfriend? haven’t kissed anyone. that’s how sad I am.

Have you ever been hurt by someone you never thought would hurt you? Oh god yes.

Your parents are out of town. Would you throw a massive party? Probably not. I would sit and watch TV with a Ben and Jerry ice cream cause I’m wild. :P

Do you regret a past relationship? Haven’t even had a relationship so I wouldn’t know.

Would you rather spend a Friday night at a concert or a crazy party? Concert, parties just go completely overboard these days.

Do you tend to fall for the same type of person over and over? People who would never go out with me in a million years? Yep, all the time. :(

Have you made a joke about somebody that made them cry? Hope not.

Do you care too much about your appearance? I don’t give a toss really.

Are you a jealous person? I can be.

Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Nope I haven’t. Local shop is once again 40 miles away. :P

Do you miss anyone? A lot of people.

Does your ex piss you off? Don’t have an ex.

What are you doing tomorrow? Shit all probably.

Are you the type of person who has a new boyfriend/ girlfriend every week? I’m the type of person who never has a boyfriend at any time. :P

Is there anyone you want to come see you? Connie.

Have you ever been cheated on? Well seeing as this quiz wants to make me feel the bottom of the deep pits as it keeps reminding me that I’ve never had a boyfriend, then no.

Ever given your all to someone who walked away? Dunno.

Do you like cotton candy? Had it once, can’t remember what it tastes like.

Who was the last person you had a serious conversation with? I never have serious conversations.

Are you planning to get knocked up or knock someone up by age 17? I’m 18. You’re a bit behind the curve there.

Do you have siblings? My younger brother

Have you ever fallen asleep on someone? Don’t think so.

How has the past week been for you? Quite good now SQA exams are done.

Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to? A couple. Of friends that is, not that they’re a couple together.

What’s on your mind right now? Chocolate and tea…..

What were you doing at midnight last night? Talking to Struan whilst listening to Kelly Clarkson on Spotify

What is your current mood? Not awake yet.

Who was the first person you talked to today? There’s no-one in the house.

Will this week be a good one? Fingers crossed

Anything happen to you within the past month that made you really happy? Not really happy.

Who were you with last night? Was in my room last night.

Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night? Can’t remember. 

Next time you will kiss someone? Probably never.

Who should start the kiss, the girl or the boy? Dunno, it’s one of those things that should happen because they like each other, so they should both work at it.

What you doing this weekend? ummm….. probably see my brother parade in the local pipe band again. apart from that I have no idea.

Well now I’m depressed. Where’s the chocolate and tea on the double? :( 

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