Sunday, 17 June 2012

fun times in a wind band…. :)

Ok, so this actually happened on Monday but I couldn’t be bothered posting it. I know, stupid excuse. So on Monday, the wind band I play in participated in a music festival in the very north of Scotland. It was a lot of fun, even though the bus stank, had only 10 minutes tops for lunch and certain primary people on the bus really pissed me off. Our group had their own sections, including a saxophone quartet which we played our piece two weeks ago and it was average. But when we were waiting behind the curtains for about half an hour as we were the first act in our competition and the adjudicator talked for ages. So we were getting more nervous by the minute. But something must’ve happened as I thought we played the best we’ve ever played the piece, which in the end got us a trophy and the only outstanding/distinction mark of the day. WOOOOO!!! So proud of my saxophone family, it’s really quite funny. Then madness ensumed with me and my friends acting like the weirdos that we’re usually are. But it was a good day, as it saved me from more boredom at home, which was nice. So we’ve got another concert at the cathedral in my town on Sunday which will be exciting and kinda sad as it may be my last concert with the band before heading off to either college or university! Awwww, but I love these guys so much, they’re awesome! LOVE! <3 :) 

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