Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Doctor and Rose: Ultimate relationship goals

Don’t you think that’s such a beautiful picture? I miss the days where the Doctor and Rose where the perfect couple, and that finale episode where Rose is flying into the void, but is saved and trapped in the parallel world. I still have chills even today watching that episode on DVD, just so emotional. And then in the fourth series where they finally meet one more and run to each other, it was such a beautiful moment, and then of course a bloody Dalek had to ruin it. Maybe for the best, as if they did meet up in the middle, it probably wouldn’t have been suitable for children. I miss my Doctor, he will always be David Tennant, even though the first one I saw was Christopher Eccleston, he was good but David was brilliant. I now wanna watch my Doctor Who DVD’s but I better get changed and ready for three hours of saxophone practise. :P

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