Monday, 18 June 2012

A day of musical-ness..... :P

So yesterday, the EHCB had a concert at my hometown like. The venue was the cathedral, where we had performers from all around the Highlands, Caithness, Gordonston and so on, it was pretty packed. We played the pieces we played at the music festival, better than we did at the actual festival which is a laugh, and the fancy-schmancy people played their dreary programme. Yes they're the best musicians in the Highlands, woopdeedo but c'mon, play something cheery. :O The saxophone quartet played our winning piece again, I honestly think we played it better at Caithness, but apparently our tutor, superwoman organiser thought we played it at our best. It must have been good as someone saw me and told one of the tutors, 'The girl that plays the tenor saxophone is really good.' I got a mention! Three of the girls that go to the band won the Jim Arthur trophy for outstanding contribution, and they deserved it, love them all. And then one of them asked if this was my last concert, and it hit me. The band I've been a part of for two years, the one I went to Germany with, the one where I gained more confidence and amazing friends, the one where we played at primary schools and made little ones smile, the one where I had to walk up the hill with a saxophone on my back and nearly fainted. To be fair, it was the warmest day of the year and it was heavy. But I've had an amazing time at this band, and my confidence has grown a lot over these past couple of years. It was incredible to have the chance to play my saxophone abroad and to meet so many wonderful people, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. :)

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